bugatti shoes Functions

and a clearly noticeable PLUS


The ideal shoe must not only convince optically, but must also feel perfect!  That is the reason why we at bugatti shoes place the same value on comfort and fit as on design and style.

The following functions ensure the noticeable plus of comfort:

Additional room in forepart for free movement of toes and ball of foot.

Special removable insole – replace your individual inlay soles.

Slip in, pull tight and ready to go. Fast to put on and off without lacing.

The easy removal of the ”Comfort Wide” inner sole forms an ”Extra Wide” shoe.

Maximum room in forepart for free movement of toes and ball of foot.

Hightech insole for soft walking and optimum shock absorbation.

Adaptable and soft High Tech Insole made of ”Memory Foam“ for best walking comfort and better absorption.

Especially soft and  exible in the pad area.

Integrated Soft Gel cushioning “Made in Germany” for heel-strike dampening and protection of joints.

Water resistant, windproof and optimal breathability through Hightech-Membrane.

Velvet-soft thermal sole with a fine aluminium layer ensures feet warm as toast in cold weather.

Abrasion resistant and flexible running sole for a comfortable new feeling when running.

A novel high-grade sole material makes this shoe „featherlight“.

Each shoe is unique thanks to this elaborate two-tone leather finish.

Signs of use and irregulrities are intended as part of a USED LOOK and do not constitute grounds for a complaint.

An overview of bugatti shoes functions can be downloaded here as a PDF document.
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